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To conceptualise and operate a wide spectrum of dining and lifestyle concepts that are aimed at creating genuine and exceptional dining experiences guests love.

We strive to establish spaces for guests to create new memories, traditions and desires.

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OUE Restaurants

The food and lifestyle division of OUE Limited, OUE Restaurants is on a mission to create genuine and exceptional dining experiences that cater to a diverse range of diners in Singapore and overseas. Its growing portfolio features a distinct host of restaurants and bars - from fine and bespoke, to fast and casual.

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OUE Limited

OUE Limited is a leading real estate and healthcare group, growing strategically to capitalise on growth trends across Asia.

At OUE, we look at things differently, seizing opportunities to transform potential be it in the way buildings and places are used, viewed and valued, or by enhancing lives and communities with exceptional and enriching experiences. By doing so, we go beyond making incremental improvements; we create value by making significant and profound changes in thinking, processes and outcomes.